What is a Control Track

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readJan 10, 2023

Objective: Cover Control Track.

Very interesting thing, this Control Track. Control Tracks allows us to start another Timeline event. To make an example, I will use the Space Ship animation I made previously and start a new Timeline.

In our Space Ship Timeline I’ll create a Control Track by right clicking and selecting Control Track.

Next let’s create out next Timeline.

We will drag in another Ship to do a fly by.

Now create an animation track with it and record an animation.

Up next is the fun part of Control Tracks. Select the other Timeline.

Next drag in the new Timeline onto the Control Track.

Drag it to when you would like it to start. I want mine to start around the time the Main space ship lands.

Now if we hit play in the editor we can watch the Game window to see the second space ship fly by.

The Hierarchy will have the second Timeline disabled until the Control Track turns it on. Also in the Timeline matches up when it’s time to play.

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