Unique Types of Body Settings in Virtual Cameras

Objective: Cover the different Body Settings.

We will look at the different settings that come with the Body on a Virtual Camera. We will look at Transposer first. The Transposer will keep a distance away from the player based on the Binding Mode and the Follow Offset. Damping can be done on all three axis.

Binding Mode helps track the object based on the axis. All are very similar except Simple Follow With World Up. Simple Follow will act as a camera man and follow.

Next is the Tracked Dolly Setting. Tracked Dolly virtual camera will follow a target but will only stay on a path that is created. Unlike the Transposer, Tracked Dolly will need an extra object in the scene called a Path. Create an Empty object and add CinemachinePath to that object.

You will see that I have already added a few Waypoints and created a path for the camera to follow.

Now back on the camera, drop this Path object in the required variable.

The settings for Tracked Dolly for the most part are the same as Transposer except for Auto Dolly, Path Position, and Position Units. The Path Position is where the camera will start at on the path, or align with the corresponding waypoint. Units is how it’ll adjust on the path, go by the way points or by distance. A good feature of the Tracked Dolly is the Auto Dolly. It will automatically adjust the camera along the path to get the camera the closest to the object.

Next will be the Orbital Transposer. It is similar to the Transposer but will have a circular area around the followed object.

There are the same settings for Transposer but you will also have how the camera will move around the player.

Hard Lock to Target is stick to the player and the only setting is damping.

If there is some damping, the camera will drag along as seen below in the first half of the Gif. In the second half you can see it being stuck to the player as it moves.

The Framing Transposer settings act a lot like the Aim setting.

The 3rd Person Follow is positioned behind the object and off to the side a little. This can be used in 3rd Person style games.

The settings here will allow you to set the camera to the correct position that is wanted. Playing around with the settings is the best way to figure out what does what.

These are the different settings in the Body. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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