Timeline Director — Winning the race

Tyler Smallwood
3 min readJan 23, 2023

Objective: Use Timeline to create an animation scene with winning a scene!

Let’s make a quick Timeline event! Our character is in a race and wins. They celebrate and limp away afterwards. To start set the scene with a floor and the character. I added a Wall and a White pillar to act as the finish line. There is also a Cinemachine Dolly and track cinemachine camera.

Now we will grab our animations and make sure that the rig is set to Humanoid.

Next lets create the Timeline.

Let’s add in the Fast Run animation.

Select the animation and set the Loop to on.

Now for the victory animation. We will create an override track.

I dropped in the Victory animation on the override track. I have also added in the Big Victory and walk animation in on the regular track.

I made adjustments so the Victory animation is played where the running animation stopped using the move keys on the animation.

This is our animation so far.

With another Timeline created, we will grab some confetti from the asset store. In the newly created Timeline we will add an activation track and add in the confetti.

Back in the original Timeline, we will create a Control Track and slide in the new Timeline to it.

I have added another effect into the Timeline for a more interesting animation.

Now with everything combined this is the results.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!!



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