Socket Interaction to Get Things Done

Tyler Smallwood
3 min readJan 15, 2024

Objective: Use Socket Interaction to open a locked door.

To set up Socket Interaction, I selected the item that was going to deal with the interaction and added the XR Socket Interactor.

We will also need to add Sphere collider. Check IsTrigger is set to true. This will allow us to check to see if we have something hovering.

With what ever we pick up we can drop into this key slot.

But we only want the key. To do this we will create a new interaction Layer Mask and name it key.

On the key we will set it up the same.

Before testing, I created a copy of the key and lined it up to look more real when we drop the key in.

I then deleted everything off the object to become an empty object.

On the Keyhole, I dropped the key position onto the socket nteractor.

With that I can now drop the key and only the key into the keyhole.

To get the door open all we have to do is drop the door into the select event. Next is to drop in the Trigger’s name and that’s it.

We can animate doors with socket interactors now!



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