Slick Orbital Camera Movements using Free Look Cameras

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readDec 1, 2022

Objective: Show how to create Slick Orbital Camera.

In past few articles we have covered different ways of using a Virtual Camera. Today we will cover another Cinemachine Camera that uses a Virtual Camera with some settings already set. We will look at the Free Look Cameras.

At the top of Unity, select Cinemachine → Free Look Camera.

If you look in the inspector of the Free Look Camera, it looks simular to a virtual camera.

The Biggest difference is near the bottom there are 3 Body and Aim sections.

These Correspond to the three orbitals that are around the Target.

To adjust the space between each rig and be found right above the Rigs.

If you adjust the Height and Radius you can see it in the Scene Window.

With this one would be able to get a better Orbital camera style. Playing with all of the settings to make it perfect for you is all one would need to do.

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