Setting up Grabbable Objects

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readNov 24, 2023

Objective: Get basketballs set up as a grabbable object.

To set up Grabbable objects there isn’t much to do. We will be giving a basketball the ability to be picked up in VR.

First thing that needs to be added is a Collider of some sort. Since it is a basketball, I added a sphere collider.

Next is to add XR Grab Interactable. When this component is added, a Rigidbody get’s added as well.

The Grab Interactable takes in a interaction manager. It also has a layer mask to decide what layer it’ll interact with. We can put in colliders, these will be used for where it could be grabbed from. Distance Calculation can be for where we grab based on collider position or transform. We can also set up to use the Gaze feature.

Other things on this component is how it’ll move into the players hands. It’ll also help tracking position and rotation.

It’s quite easy to set it up. Thank you for reading!



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