Rapid Prototyping w/ New Unity Input System

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readMay 3


Objective: Cover a quick way to check for Input with the New Unity Input System.

Rapid Prototyping with the new Unity Input System can make sure the system works before creating an Input Action. We can do this with jumping.

Just like using the Old Input System, we will check for input from the keyboard.

Using the Keyboard key word will access the keyboard. Current is the key that is pressed and spaceKey. wasPressedThisFrame is checking to see if it was this frame.

We can now use the rigidbody to jump as we did last article.

With this we can now jump.

But the Keyboard isn’t the only one we can use, we can use the mouse as well to prototype.

We can refer to this unity document for the different input’s we can check for input.

This was a quick guide of how we can prototype quickly without creating an action map first. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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