How to Add a Custom Skybox

Objective: Talk about the different ways of creating a Skybox

To start we will open the lighting Settings by going to Window → Rendering → Lighting.

In the window that pops up, just click New Lighting Settings. We will set Auto Generate on and have the lightmapper on the GPU, this helps if you have a good GPU.

Now on to the Skybox, in the Lighting window, at the top select Environment.

In the Skybox Material, you will see a material called Default-Skybox. This material can not be adjusted. We will create a new Material and turn it into a Skybox Mat. In our project, right click and go Create → Material.

I renamed mine to Skybox.

Now let’s change this from a regular material to a Skybox. Under the Shader drop down and go to Skybox.

You will notice there are 4 different types of Skybox material. We will look at Procedural first.

Once you select the type of material it will be, don’t forget to replace the default-Skybox in Environment with the new one.

When you add it into Environment, it’ll looks like the default but on the material you can change settings now.

Now for Skybox/6sided, you will need 6 different images to match up to make a cube. When the Material is set to 6 sided, you will notice that the sky turns gray. It will fill in when you fill out the Material with the correct images.

If you add the images in the correct order you can get something similar to this.

Next will be a Cubemap. The cubemap will be an image that have 6 different sides laid out that could be folded up into a cube.

When you get a Cubemap into your project, if you do check it’s settings you may not be able to add it into your Material. On the Image settings, make sure the texture Shape is not 2D.

Change it to cube.

Add to the Material.

Lastly will be Panoramic. Panoramic is an flat image of a area. This is typically done with a camera.

Add this to the material and it’ll look round, as if you were there in person.

These are the different type of Skyboxes you can use in Unity and how to set them up. You can play with the settings and see what you like with each.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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