Getting a Handle on Things

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readJan 11, 2024

Objective: Open cabinet drawer with our hands.

I have a regular file cabinet that I would like to be able to open with our vr hands.

This cabinet is split in to different pieces.

To keep the drawer to move with in a certain limit and not fall out(unless you want it to), it’ll need Configurable Joints.

It’ll need to have the X and Y motion and the angular x, y, and z angular motion locked. We will end up pulling on the Z axis so that’ll need to be limited.

Next step I did was add cube to the location of the handle. I removed the mesh renderer from the Handle.

On this handle I added Fixed Join and dropped in the drawer rigidbody as a connected body.

With this we can drag the handle and the drawer will open with it.

To add the ability of using our VR hands, just need to add XR Grab Interactable.

Just like grabbing a handle.

Thank you for reading!



Tyler Smallwood

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