Different Lights in Unity

Tyler Smallwood
3 min readSep 26, 2022

Objective:Talk about the different lights you can add into Unity.

There are four lights we will discuss in today’s article. There is a Directional Light, which is displayed by a Sun looking Gizmo.

A Point light which is the shape of a Light bulb.

A Spot light which is displayed as a ceiling light.

And finally, a Area Light that is the shape of a square.

The Directional light is light that comes from a certain direction, such as the sun. This light shoots though everything.

The Point light acts just like a real life light bulb. It casts a 360 degree light area. Point lights can’t use Realtime lights and Realtime shadows.

A Spot Light is a light that is similar to an outside Spot light that people have at home. This light shoots light like a cone from it. The max this light can go is 180 degrees from the light source it’s self. This can use realtime lights and shadows but not indirect bounce.

Finally the Area Light. The Area light will cover an area. The only thing about Area lights, it does not auto generate light on the ground.

To get the light to show up on the ground, you will need to turn the floor objects into Static.

Now that is done, we have light on the ground!

This was a quick overview of the lights that can be used. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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