Day 71: Animate GameObjects using Timeline

Objective: Animate game objects with Timeline.

Let’s get Timeline to animate Darren getting ready to leave. This asset came rigged and animated. We can use the Timeline by adding an animation track.

A little window will appear asking for a Animator object.

We will take our actor object that has an animator component and drag and drop into this slot. When you drop it in, the track it empty.

To add the animations from this controller, you will right click on the track and select ‘Add From Animation Clip’.

A window will appear with all the animation clips in your project. You will need to select the right one that is needed, for this project I need the EndLevelCutscene.

Once you select the animation clip needed, you just adjust the clip in the track and you are done.

When you hit the play button in the Timeline window, the animation will play as it should. This can be used for any object with an animation.

If something is wrong with the animation and you would like to adjust it, you can right click the animation clip in the track and select ‘Edit in Animation Window’.

It will bring up the animation window and allow you to fix or adjust anything that is needed.

This is a quick guide on how to animate gameobjects using the Timeline tool.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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