Day 70: How to use a Dolly Track in Unity

Tyler Smallwood
3 min readJul 28, 2021


Objective: Learn how to use Cinemachine Dolly Track.

In this article we are working on our Game Over Cutscene. The director wants the camera to fad in and track around a security guard and move into a different camera position. Today is learning about how to track around the security guard.

In the last article we learn on how to create a virtual camera. The same way we created our virtual camera is how we will create a Dolly Track. We will go to Cinemachine -> Create Dolly Camera with Track.

We will get two new Game Objects, a new CM vcam and Dolly Track.

Once we compose this scene we will lay the track. When the track is created it will have only two points. In the inspector I added another point to help make a curve. You can use the inspector to select each point and adjust it.

The track game object will allow you to set up any type of movement of the camera. You can rotate the track, loop it, or have it continue on forever. What ever you can imagine for a good camera shot, you can do with a track.

To set up your camera to use the track, you will need to select your camera, that will use the track, and in body section selected Tracked Dolly. Once it is selected to use a Tracked Dolly, you will drag your track into the path section.

That is how you set up your camera to use the track, if you didn’t use the one that was created with the track. In this example I used a virtual camera that was set up for composing a scene.

Now to use the camera and track. In our Timeline, we create a track to use a Cinamachine brain. We then add our camera using the dolly track to the Timeline. All that is left to do is hit play. The camera will automatically move to each waypoint on the dolly track.

We now have a good moving camera shot to use in our captured cutscene!

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