Day 68: Working with Previs Elements

Objective: Review the importance of working with Previs Elements.

Sometimes when working on a game, you could receive director notes on how the director would want a scene to be completed.

The first cut scene we are working on is Darren, the thief, stealing a security card from a sleeping guard. The director wants the camera to fade in and have the camera creep up Darren’s left shoulder. The notes gives a sketch of what would like to be seen.

The previs element for this shot tells you that the director wants to have the desk, sleeping guard, and Darren in the same shot. So in the next shot, we will want to pan down to the card as Darren grabs it.

After Darren grabs it, we pill need to pan up to see Darren.

So when it comes to setting up your camera, this will give an idea. Having a visual will help you understand what is being asked of you.

This is a quick example of why previs elements are important for game development.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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Tyler Smallwood

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