Day 67: Introduction to Timeline in Unity

Objective: Understand how to start using Timeline.

Timeline is a asset built into Unity. Timeline allows up to create detailed shots as if we were filming a movie.
To start using Timeline we need to go to window-> Sequencing -> Timeline.

You will get a new window open.

With this window open you will be able to start creating shots. To start you will need to have the correct asset selected in your hierarchy. Once you have it selected just click Create in the Timeline window and save your file where you would like.

We have different track’s that can be used. Each track is used for a specific thing and can help line up the animation, audio, and more to the correct time in a cut-scene.

An example would be the Activation Track. The activation track takes in a game object and will keep it active until specified, as shown below.

This was a quick introduction to the timeline component.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

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