Day 65: Creating Transparent Window Effect in Unity

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readJul 23, 2021

Objective: Create a material that can be seen through.

We start off by creating a new material by going into your project window, right click and go to create and material.

Name it how ever you would like, I’ve named my New_Glass_Mat. Next thing that needs to be done is to assign it to the object that needs the material.

Now to set the rendering mode to Transparent. Go back to the material in the project window and select it. In the Inspector should show the properties.

At the top of the inspector, change Rendering Mode to transparent. It will make it look white but some what see through.

The next thing to do is change the alpha of the Albedo to allow it to be more transparent. I set mine to zero to make it look like the windows are very clean.

To make the windows have some reflections, set the smoothness closer to one. The closer it is to one will have more of a reflection.

And that’s all that is needed to make glass see through and have some reflection.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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