Day 3: Installing Unity & Getting Started with Game Development

To start this journey into learning Unity, we need to download it and get it set up! First we will head over to Once there, select get started!

Getting Started with Unity!

Next will be the Plans and pricing page! On this page, if you are an individual just starting out, make sure you are on the individual page and select get started under Personal.

Selecting Get started for Personal.

Next page will allow you to follow Unity’s guide to set everything up or someone with some experience with unity can go another route. Here we will select “Go Here”.

Going with experience! Scary!

This next page, just accept the terms of service and select download unity hub. Unity hub is where you can manage all the different Unity versions that has been downloaded onto the computer. Once it downloads, follow the Install Wizard. After it finishes installing, open up Unity Hub. When Unity Hub opens, there will be a section for the projects on the current machine. There is a learn tap, this is where you can learn some fundamentals that Unity created. There is a community tab and installs. The install is where you can see all the different versions of Unity that is installed.

My current Unity Hub Project

To install a new version click “Installs”, then “Add”.

Install Page

You will be asked to select a version that you would like to use.

Different Versions to download

Now will be all the modules that can be added to the install. We will add “WebGL Build Support”, this will allow us to build to a web application, and add “Windows Build Support (IL2CPP)”, this is for Windows.

Selecting modules to be added.

Next will be to wait for it to install, this can take a while depending on your network connection. Once it is done installing, go back to “Projects” tab. We will create a new project now. Click on the down arrow beside “New” and select the version that was just installed.

Selecting the version I want to use.

This will bring up a Creating A new Project window. Here there is a few things going on. On the right hand side of the window is where you give your awesome new project a name and the location of where it will be saved. On the left hand side is where you can select a template. The templates were created by Unity to help you get started.

Create a new project window.

After naming and selecting the template and location click “Create”. If using Windows, a Windows Security Alert will appear, it’s Unity asking to use your network, click “Allow access”. Your Unity project will now open. Well done! You have just created your first Unity Project, or your 100th one. Stay tuned for how to set up a efficient work layout and a little on the panels you see.

New Project we created!



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Tyler Smallwood

Tyler Smallwood

I am passonate on learning to program and use Unity to become a skillful Unity Developer