Combining Cinemachine and Timeline for Ultimate Control

Tyler Smallwood
4 min readJan 25, 2023


Objective: Create a cut scene using both Cinemachine and Timeline.

We will create a cut scene of two people talking. First thing to do is get the scene set up with a ground and the people that will be talking!

Now time for the timeline. I created a empty object that will hold the Timeline and created a new timeline called TalkingCutScene.

Next I made sure the animations were set to Humanoid.

Then added them into the timeline.

While having the Animation selected in Timeline I set Loop to On.

I started to work on setting the cameras up. I created a BlendListCamera and added the following camera set ups into the list.

Camera one and two will zoom into the conversation.

The next step was the over the shoulder of one character.

Following this was to move to the other side.

Lastly was a quick movement to the Blue characters face to give an alert that something may of happened.

After getting the cameras set up we will create a Cinemachine Track onto the Timeline. Make sure to add the Cinemachine Brain into it.

Next thing that was needed to be done was to add the BlendListCamera into the Timeline.

For the Timeline, the last thing to add is an activation track and set it to be a frame before the end. This is to de-activate the Timeline to we can play again. You can use the tools to move to the last frame and go back one and line up the Active to that frame.

Now the final thing I needed to do was to create a Trigger. I added a 3D cube right in front of the Blue Character and set isTrigger to true and deactivated the Mesh Renderer.

I created a script and added the UnityEngine.Playables; namespace to use the PlayableDirector variables. I also have a bool to track and see if the trigger has been triggered already.

Next was to use use OnTriggerEnter(). In this method, I checked to see if what entered the trigger was the Player and if it has already been played. If it is the player and has not been played we will play the Timeline and set the bool to false.

With these steps I was able to create this short cut scene.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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