Basic Hand Animations

Tyler Smallwood
3 min readNov 10, 2023

Objective: Animate the hands to open and close.

Once we got the hands in place on the models and they show up it feels like we are missing something. That something is the hands don’t animate and just move with the Raycast visuals.

I will talk about how I got the hands to open and close when we hold the grip button on the controller. The first is to get some animations, I got mine from FileBase.

Next is to create a animation controller for both left and right hands.

Select the controller and open the Animator by going the Window → Animation → Animator.

When it opens it’ll only have a few boxes in there, Any State, Entry, and Exit.

We will create two empty states and name one Open and the other Close. We do this by right clicking → Create State → Empty.

Select the states and drop in the animation you want to use.

Now let’s create two parameters for the animation to know when to go to the other.

Created two animation transitions from open and closed. Turned off Has Exit Time and set the appropriate conditions.

Now with that we can go back to our controller and select “Animate Model”.

In the two text boxes that appeared, type in the trigger names we just created.

With that we have hands that open and close in game. Thank you for reading!



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