Automatic Animations Using Blended List Cameras

Objective: Make animated cameras without the animator.

We recently learned that Cinemachine has other cameras besides Virtual Cameras. We will cover Blended Cameras. Go to Cinemachine → Blend List Camera.

When the Blend List camera is created, you will notice that it comes with two Virtual Cameras as children.

In the Inspector, you can see some things similar to a regular Virtual Camera and some more.

With just these few options we will get a camera to act like a security camera that rotates back and forth. To start will will need to get our Virtual Camera’s in the same position.

Next Rotate one to the left.

The other to the right.

Back in the Blend List Object, we will need to turn the loop on by checking it.

Under loop, add two more blends in. For the vcam1 set hold to 2 seconds, next is vcam 2 Ease In Out to 3 seconds, then the next cam to 3 seconds on hold and finally on the last vcam1 put 3 seconds.

Hold will keep it on that one camera and the Blend in seconds will be the amount of time to blend to the next camera.

If you want to add more camera’s you can go to Virtual Camera Children and just hit the + symbol and you will get more camera’s. You can see them get added in the Hierarchy as well.

We have just created a Blend list to make cameras move without using the Animation windows.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!



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