Adjusting Physics …. Material

Tyler Smallwood
2 min readNov 30, 2023

Objective: Create and adjust physics material

Unity has a material that’ll give bounce and friction to an object. Combine that with some rigidbody adjustment’s we can make objects feel like real life. Create a physics material by going into the project window right click → Create → Physics Material.

If you select it we’ll have a few options, Dynamic, static friction, bounciness and two combine options. The friction options can be set from 0 to infinity while bounciness is between 0 and 1. Set how you like and adjust from there.

Next step is to drop it onto the collider of an object.

On the Rigidbody, the first field on the component is Mass. This will add weight and change how the physics handle the object.

This is with current settings show so far.

Change the bounciness of the physics material to .2 will change a lot.

With that little change the basketball doesn’t bounce anymore. When ever playing with physics material to get a good feel, there will be a lot of adjusting.

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